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Colin Traquair, photographer



Colin was born and raised in Saskatchewan. He has played trombone with the National Arts Centre Orchestra since 1989, a position he won after under- and post-graduate music studies in Colorado, Chicago and Berlin.

He has had a lifetime love of the visual and photographic arts, from the French Impressionists to graphic print design to the landscapes of Ansel Adams. As with so many his first camera was a Kodak Brownie “Hawkeye” model, which he debuted at age 9 at the Condie Reservoir north of Regina.

He returned to photography in 2012, exploring a wide variety of interests ranging from nature and landscapes to informal portraits, travel and more.   With so many highly creative photographers to study, he very much admires the works of Edward Steichen, the African nature photographs of Nick Brandt, the people images of Fred Cattroll, the sailing photographs of Morris Rosenfeld and the minimalist landscapes of Michael Kenna and Bruce Percy.

Of special interest is the monochrome, or black and white image.  Always fascinated with the monochrome portraiture of Yousuf Karsh, Colin believes that the character of the subject, whether human or in nature, is revealed to a greater extent without the distraction of colour.